Lecture 9


art of storm.jpeg
Weather Recording Instruments [Image] 2011

Data collection doesn’t always mean graphs – sound recording, satellite imagery and offshore buoys are also considered as data collection tools just as much as spreadsheets and computers.

weather beads.jpeg
Weather Beads [Image] 2011

Every single bead is a weather band that plays out a musical instrument reflecting behavioural elements not shown in a 2D graph. Translating a new medium of weather data to musical scores bridges a gap between art vs science. It is not always about the differences between them but what can also make them similar.

music weather translation.jpeg
Weather as Sheet Music [Image] 2011

The weather band instrument reads differently wherever it is placed, in an art museum or as a musical piece. It’s an alternative entry point into understanding science that may not be a traditional perspective.

The science of data collection does not always have to be reflective of graphs and statistical numerics. This example reflected by Dr Miebach exemplifies we can understand data visualisation through music and art sculptures. We understand language and communication through visual forms and sounds just as much as images. It is up to us as humans how we perceive and breakdown the information. If the consume data in an art museum we may not be aware that it could also be consumed in a science museum just as effectively.

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