Lecture 4

Lecture Pod 4  Historical and Contemporary Visualisation methods

The Functional Art: An introduction to information graphics and visualisation


Fertility rate – average number of children born to women

Earth is forecasted at 9 billion population in two decades from now. If the replacement rate in a country is significantly lower than 2.1 the population will shrink over time. If its much higher than 2.1 you’ll have a much younger population down the road – potentially greater rates of violence and crime.

On average fertility in rich countries is relatively low, but has up-trended in recent years. Poor countries are beginning to show a decrease in average fertility.

The first and main goal of any graphic or visualisation is to be a tool for your eyes and brain to perceive what lies beyond natural reach. The data in a table form becomes difficult to analyse, memorising numbers and then comparing is tedious and tiresome. Placing these numbers as a line graph allows our eyes to follow the data with ease.


swevspa lect4.jpeg
L. Cmielewski Historical and Contemporary Visualisation Methods (2016)
spain v sweden lecture 4.jpeg
UNDATA (2018, August) Total Fertility Rate, Sweden and Spain. Retrieved from http://data.un.org/Data.aspx?q=fertility+Spain+sweden&d=PopDiv&f=variableID%3a54%3bcrID%3a724%2c752


Throughout this lecture pod it was important to learn how data comparisons can be simplified especially when comparing two variables. The data is easiest to consume when following a linear path rather than using memorising numbers and tracking the discrepancies of dates or statistics. Data is constantly changing, how we choose to consume it makes it easier for us to interpret and evaluate.

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